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Brito, D. Carmo, H.

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O ataque às leis fundiárias e das sementes: Quem impõe que mudanças na África?

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The conflict in the coastal area of Sines (Portugal): Elements for settlement through dialogue

Services on Demand Journal. Similars in SciELO. Keywords: risk, public participation, perception, citizenship. Introduction Industrial activity has always associated pollutant emissions, a cause of environmental impacts Brito et al. Material and methodology 2. Methodological framework In the social sciences, according to Lewin , research should start by analysing the issue as a whole, and from there the detail for each particular aspect, thus keeping oriented to the initially set goals. You must be signed in to post a comment. Please sign in or create an account. A subscription to J o VE is required to view this content.

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O ataque às leis fundiárias e das sementes: Quem impõe que mudanças na África?

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Permitir, pelo menos, 24 horas de secagem antes de utilizar. Cabral, M. Fernandes, J.

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I, pp. Online [Minutes]. Local , In Miranda, A. Braga, 9 de junho de , pp. Boeno, R. Azevedo, J. Valente, Susana "Ecofreguesias" experience: some contributions for local sustainable waste management , In C. Vilarinho, F. Castro, M.