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5. The Fabled Mayan Calendar: Their most famous invention

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Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Series description. Skipping Stones Honor Award. Society of Midland Authors Award. How do series work? Helpers almoadhadi 20 , picturebookperson The U. That would be as egregious as calling Hadrian's Wall an "English ruin. I've noticed that the poor black African isn't given any credit for anything in world history. The Arabs claim they were the ancient Egyptians. The Mexicans claim that Mayans were indigenous and just appeared out of thin air. Even when the evidence of thick lips and flat noses on sculptures are right in your face as evidence.

Common sense tells you if the first man and woman came from Ethiopia and black men and women roamed the Earth for tens of thousands of years then all primitive settlements throughout the world of places like Greece, Xia Asian Dynasty, Mayans, Israel, etc. The gene for white skin came about less than 10, years ago in the Caucus Mountains area. You will not find a mummy with white skin older than 10, as DNA testing has shown.

Surprise Surprise. The brown skin you all have you guys didn't come from whites. And Mexicans fiercely hold on to their Spanish ancestry who mutilated and murdered those Indians but shun their black Indian side.

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They come across as being just as racist as some whites. The gene for white skin?? All of your claims are blatant lies. I can't stand people like you who are either totally illiterate or purposefully spreading racist nonsense. The ancient Egyptians were a branch off of the Sumerian people who are closest to a group in modern day Iraq. They were Caucasian with darkish skin which only comes from the sun and varying amounts of melanin. Modern India people are Caucasian. Those Olmec stone heads are Chinese. The hat is classic Shang dynasty of bc after their empire collapsed they sailed to mesoamerica.

You must also look at Olmec art. Just look at the statues all dragons, buddah babies and the classic Chinese eye shape on all people. This is only a small example there's tons of other proof too like jade and other China area items. That's where they get the pyramid from who inturn got it from Sumerians. The Tower of Babel which has been found, is Sumerian and then they , after fighting with immigrants, branched off to create ancient Egyptians. There's even more proof of that! They left behind stone pallets of the story how they left Sumer and conquered the local tribes so they could creat the land of Horus by "the followers of Horus".

Most average people only know what they see on TV and news so this amazing real evidence is only there for people who go looking. Sadly that is why so many clueless people come to blogs and post this crap they claim is true. I'm an archaeologist so I read all science journals but I'm so irritated by so many comments on this blog. They are lies and made up stories with a racist slant. Read the work of David Rohl he's the best for that area. More specifically there are a large number of genes working together to decide what color you come out.

That is why there's such an array of hair and skin shades. How many genes you have of each type pulls your skin and hair one way or another. We people of African descent don't have to wait on other people to validate us, We know that we have to tell our on History, where ever black people are slavery did not just bring us there a lot of us was already there. Sharon I agree with you if we wait on other people to tell our truths, they will not do it.

List of Chinese inventions

We are everywhere. Yes the Mayan and the Egyptians had cultural ties, let others disprove it.

There is no way two separate cultural going to build the same structure in two separate parts of the world with no connection. I guess these people sit down and study ways to tell people lies. I heard the same lie when I when to Egypt from the tour guide, when one lady asked about the skin color of the Egyptian Soldiers, " don't matter about the skin color that not important". I don't know why people, of all race and cultures, are so against admitting that all people have been intermarrying since the beginning of sex! Black people were active and mixed into the Egyptian culture after they settled in the Nile from Sumer.

It's ridiculous to deny this. Most people only see 2 or 3 of the big Olmec heads and thats it but there are tons of other ones as well as statues that are not just heads. Also it is finally starting to be accepted that the out of Africa theory is not correct. Over the years there has been so much physical evidence piling up now they cant deny it.

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We, modern man, has been around at least for 4 million years. Graham Hancock and many others have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a global very advanced civilization that spread throughout the globe and then, after the great flood, the continents were split up and we all became separated. That is when the different languages evolved and why so many languages are so similar and why ALL cultures have the same historic myths and stories. That is why there are pyramids all over the globe.

The same advanced people built them. I think it was there before the cataclysm and maybe even part of the cause. According to many scientists, especially Chris Dunn www. He shows exactly how it worked. This is mentioned many times in the Bible also it says those were the colors of Noah's 3 sons. I'm sure that is not meant literal it is some parable or something. I'm still studying this. But its fascinating! If you can remember that the ancient writings originally were written as a way to pass on ancient knowledge to all people but sadly many evil men took control of them, hid many of them even till this day, and they now have become guilty by association, it has a stigma attached to it because so many uneducated redneck type of people have latched onto it and now people think to read the bible means we will be like these uneducated people. It's a shame. Human being.

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A lot of info real about our human history is in those books. They are not myths they are parables to teach people in ALL languages and also in the future. For example, Jesus spoke about the ego but that word was not invented until Freud came along so he had to use the lion as a substitute. That way he knew we could all learn. Anyway, I'm going off track. Don't forget we are all mixed and there are NO genes for race! None for black people , Mongoloid or white people There is no gene for skin color either.

There is a gene for melanin and they simply just have less or more that is all. There is a gene for curly hair. Until you can see them in person. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or sadly misinformed. I don't get the racist anger I see on this board, or any other place for that matter. There are black archeologist too you know.

You don't need to wait for anyone, you are correct. But white people, scientists, academics, etc That is BS. But its from ALL of us. They lie about our origins and push Darwin BS when there still has never been 1 single piece of physical evidence. And NO I'm not a creationist from the Bible. I have no idea how we began but it wasn't Darwins way. It is not singling anyone out.

We, all humans, were not from apes. Please don't buy into anything just because someone told you so.