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Haunted Taco Bell – Twinsburg

The people here say that Colonel Taylor and his lady still haunt this Victorian mansion. Guests have seen both of their apparitions on the stairway, and they may shake the beds from time to time. The ghosts are said to be friendly and angelic, watching over the guests. This popular local eatery and restaurant is haunted by a former owner, who passed away several years ago and is still attempting to run his establishment.

He has been known to welcome new staff members to the restaurant, and calls out peoples names. Baldwin-Wallace College's Kohler Hall, built in the s as a Methodist Children's Home, is said to be home to a spirit that manifests as a blue haze. Something reportedly presses down on students in bed and throws off their blankets. And Lang Hall is allegedly haunted by namesake Emma Lang, This historic depot is heritage-listed, and also believed by many to be one of the towns most haunted buildings.

The old train depot has played host to many tragedies and notable events in the town history, so it is easy to see where the basis of these rumours lie. This motel is said to be haunted by the spirit of an angry man who had been staying at the night there after a fight with his mother. And as it so happened, that night he was the victim of a burglary.

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The still-enraged man attacked the burglar upon finding This beautiful cottage houses the town historical society, and is well known for the ghost that reputedly haunts the old building. Although the identity of the apparition is currently unclear, witnesses describe a man dressed in black with white hair who wanders the hallways scaring visitors to the museum. This historic farmhouse property is rumoured to have a whole horde of ghostly inhabitants. Passing motorists claim to have seen the figure of a spectral woman standing at windows, and have seen strange lights moving from room to room on the downstairs level.

According to reports, when the area was being cleared for building this hotel, the body of a woman was found. She had committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. Her ghost is said to remain at the hotel and may manifest as a shadowy form. She also turns the The Old Licking County Jail building, constructed in , has an eerie castle-like appearance reminiscent of the Tower of London. In its day it housed many a notorious murderer and serial killer.

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It was here that Carl Etherington, a Dry-Agent Detective, was once held in a cell for his protection Rumor has it that at night at the Darrow Family Cemetery, which only has 7 gravesites, tombstones that are whole in daylight appear broken, and strange things can be seen and heard: Unexplained bright lights, running water, screams and howls. The property is managed by the Bryn Du Commission, a non-profit organization established by the Village of Granville.

The organization follows a mission of historic preservation and providing program and event facilities for the benefit This historic apartment has a darker history, and has a terrifying haunting associated with the building. In the early 's, a mass brawl occurred on the upper floor, and several people were murdered.

Staff in stores below the apartments claim to hear thumps, screams and the sound of a Visit this inn and you may meet the ghost of Orrin Granger, the pioneer who built it in Or you may spot Major Horton Buxton, after whom the inn was named. Major Buxton operated the inn during the late s. Former innkeeper Bonnie Bounell is also said to have The 7th tier of the Denison University Library is said to have a spirit, a shadowy woman wearing an old-fashioned dress. Those who fall asleep here, especially men, have been awoken by her hitting them on the back of the head.

After that, it was a rock concert venue until it closed in Now, locals say, it's haunted by a white figure who hangs out on first floor by the water fountain. This historic playhouse is situated on an old farming property, as the theatre itself is a barn conversion. The former owner of the property, known to staff as 'Walter', has been seen and heard throughout the theatre.

He often is heard sobbing in the theatre, and has been known to This historic mansion may still be in operation as an inn, but is more renowned for a recurring apparition reported here by former tenants and guests.

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The building is believed to be haunted by a former owner and the builder of the house, who has been known to communicate This quaint community theatre has been in operation for over half a century, but already seems to being developing a series of ghost stories associated with the theatre itself and the plot of land it was built upon. The first apparition is an man in an old-fashioned suit who appears This historic arcade building houses a haunted restaurant and tavern.

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A former delicatessen housed in the building closed down due to overwhelming paranormal activity, which stemmed from the rear of the building. The ladies restroom was haunted by a spectre that would rattle the doors and speak in strange voices, Franklin Castle was built in the mid s by Hans Tiedemann, a wealthy German immigrant. Since then, it has been a clubhouse for a German singing society, headquarters for a German Socialist organization, a doctor's office, apartments, and a hideout for bootleggers. Many ghost stories surround the place, and here The closed Egypt Road Bridge, or Crybaby Bridge, is haunted day and night by the sound of a crying baby.

Twinsburg 200

Legend has it that a baby went missing while its parents were fighting, and it fell over the side of the bridge. No one may ever know. We were unable to interview any current employees for this article due to corporate regulations, but we did visit the locale on several occasions in hopes of catching a glimpse of the purported ghosts, sadly to no avail. Your email address will not be published.


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