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Does Elle Wilson, the beautiful and smart artist or Alysse Joyner, the shy but loving striking dancer get a single shot at love with Vinny?

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Keep reading to find out who won these guys hearts! Uncle Nino also came along for the ride and claimed he had a chance with Derryn. When dinner began, Paula still teased Elle about her white dress.

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First impressions with the moms are everything! Don't mess up.

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DoubleShotAtLove pic. The moms felt like Derryn was putting on a show, and also warned him about Nikki.

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He thinks his mom likes Alysse better because she helped in the kitchen. Vinny admitted he is not in love. However, he does believe he will find love soon with the woman he chooses. With Elle, although they match up perfectly and enjoy the same things, she reminds him of his past girlfriends. Elle told Vinny she had been looking for someone like him her entire life, and she can picture them hanging out in his hometown, Staten Island. Alysse said she was always attracted to Vinny, especially after their first kiss at the club.

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