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The SWORD Sniper System combines the Weapon Operator and Spotter functions of a Sniper Team and enables a high fidelity digital link between the Weapon Operator and Spotter that increases the assurance of a target engagement and reduces the time elapsed to identify and engage a target. With a SWORD Enable Sniper Team, both the weapon and spotter navigation and optical sensor data can be interfaced to the combat network for a greater situational awareness picture at higher command echelons. The SWORD Technology is a weapon mounted technology that enables the weapon to be identified into the combat network by its position and pointing angles.

The SWORD technology also has the option to push the weapon scope image into the combat net, therefore turning the weapon into a surveillance asset within the combat network. The Spotting Station has the capability to digitize the spotting scope image, combine it with the tablet GPS position and laser range finder range and pointing angles, to create a mensurated target that can be pushed to the SWORD Sniper Weapon or to the combat network. As a Sniper Team, the Spotter would identify the target and create the mensurated target that includes the target image.

The target is then digitally passed to the Weapon Operator where the weapon operator aligns the weapon angle and range to the target position and compares the received target image to the image seen in the weapon scope. In other words, it is an instrument of criminal procedure which reduces enforcement costs for both parties and allows the prosecutor to concentrate on more meritorious cases[2]. Applicability in India. Keeping in mind that the pendencies of criminal cases have gone through the roofs, the Law Commission of India in its nd report suggested reform, which included implementation of plea bargaining in India[3].

A History and Contemporary Definition of Mixed-Age Education

To give effect to the recommendations, the draft Criminal Law Amendment Bill, was introduced in the parliament. The said chapter contains Sections A to L, which deal with plea bargaining. Plea Bargaining in Other Countries.

SWORD: Soldier Weapon & Observer Recon Devices

The concept of plea bargaining prevails in England, Canada, and most of the other nations of the British Commonwealth. Subsequently, due to time-taking trials and increasing white-collar crimes in Germany, the system of plea bargaining was instituted by statute[5]. In United States of America, plea bargaining has a vital role to play. White J, in a US case of Brady v.

Unites States [6] observed the validity of plea bargaining and upheld its validity. There are various criminal ADR programmes that are running throughout the globe.

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  3. Too Many ‘Friends,’ Too Few ‘Likes’? Evolutionary Psychology and ‘Facebook Depression’!
  4. Diagnostik der Lernmotivation (German Edition).
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Some of these are as follows:. Also referred to as victim-offender reconciliation programs VORP or victim reparation programs, in most cases, its purpose is to promote direct communication between victim and offender.

LeT Financing

Victims who participate are provided with an opportunity to ask questions, address the emotional trauma caused by the crime and its aftermath, and seek reparations[8]. CDRP seek to dispose of minor conflicts that have not been disposed off and are clogging criminal dockets. Victim-offender Panels VOP. The AsoloArtFilmFestival Italy is inviting students between 18 and 26 year old to share their passion for cinema and art with other students from around the world.

With it's new "Student Hub," AAFF wants to create an intercultural platform to exchange ideas, projects in a totally new creative setting inspired from the local tradition. AsoloArtFilmFestival is offering free accomodations to a limited number of interested students. Deadline Aug The M. Based on the belief that the best education for the artist includes training in literature as well as the honing of craft, this two-year, terminal studio arts degree is designed to nurture talent while simultaneously preparing students for the challenges and joys that mark the writer's life.

Through workshops, seminars, and hands-on experience in the community at large, the program also prepares students for career opportunities in editing at publishing firms, newspapers and magazines, professional writing, work at foundation and arts organizations, and teaching at the community college and university level for tenure-track positions. English Composition The Masters of Art in English Composition is designed for students interested in pursuing studies in the fields of composition, literature and linguistics.

The concentration in English Composition focuses on writing—how written texts work rhetorically and stylistically; how historical and social conditions affect what we write and how we construct meaning as we read; and how to teach people to write effectively. The literature concentration allows students an option to focus on advanced studies in literature as well as composition. The concentration in TESL emphasizes students with a wide range of teaching approaches and methods. July 23, Teen Essay Project. Received from Lynn M.

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  • We both came away from the finished project with a greater appreciation and deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by all of our veterans. As well, Reid gained a wealth of knowledge about the grandfather he never met which gave him a real and lasting connection to him. Further, this project increased his ability to be familiar with, and learn to develop an accurate essay format.

    Our request is a simple one really.

    Canada approves Trans Mountain pipeline expansion for second time | National Observer

    Would you be interested in listing the project on your site or in your newsletters for teens that have relatives or role models who are veterans that might want to participate in submitting story for possible inclusion in a collection honoring our veterans? The teen can write about any veteran that served in WWII or any period all the way through to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    They are asked to have their parent or guardian sign a form to give us permission to publish the essays that will be chosen for inclusion in a book of the collection. This project is free and open to all teens between the ages of 13 and This project is sponsored privately by our family with the camp scholarship donated in memory of our father and grandfather a WWII pilot and American veteran.

    All teen authors who have an essay chosen will be given a certificate of merit.

    • The WRITIVIST*: War is WRITE?
    • Canada approves Trans Mountain pipeline expansion for second time?
    • The Hidden Thread: Russia and South Africa in the Soviet Era.
    • Description:.
    • In offering this project to our teens it is my hope that we can achieve several initiatives; as mentioned, the teen will make a real connection to those who have made individual sacrifices for the betterment of our country; learn to distinguish the difference between what great courage or strength of character is and that of fame or celebrity; and last, will foster an awareness that our veterans are the true mentors and role models for all Americans. I have found throughout my life that learning comes through active participation in a task and feel the younger generation is in need of understanding what is truly important for the continued success of America.

      Our goal is to receive hundreds of essays and publish the best essays in a book, therefore giving as many teens as possible exposure to this learning experience. Registration is free through our website; the deadline for essays is October 15, Our website features the guidelines and essay criteria and more about who we are and why we are sponsoring this project.

      Thank you in advance for your help and please contact me with any questions or comments. Sincerely, Lynn M. Geddie, Newnan, Georgia Daughter of Capt. Dave Matison, Jr. Every day during this day project from July 6 till October 3 , a project happens which creatively plays around with and pays homage to an aspect of the Bauhaus. These events will be presented at different locations around the world. This website is being used to track and document day-by-day records of this project's happenings.

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      July 23, Music Meets Literature. Christian Goering, an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas and former high school English teacher, explains how he has students make connections with what they are reading in class to the music they listen to outside of class: musical intertextuality. His site, Lit Tunes goes into much more detail and provides a number of classroom assignment examples. EDT Repeated P. Eva Brann is a senior lecturer at St.

      John's College in Annapolis Maryland. July 29, Neustadt International Prize for Literature. A generous endowment from the Neustadt family of Ardmore, Oklahoma, and Dallas, Texas, ensures the award in perpetuity. My Africa! July 28, Chronicle Books Summer Sale. Absinthe: New European Writing is offering a summer sale now through August 31st.

      This is a great opportunity to complete your Absinthe set. Absinthe is also looking for writers interested in contributing to their blog. Through Wednesday, July 29 every Dalkey Archive paperback edition is on sale, with free shipping within the United States outside the U. When you click on one of the offers, it will take you to a shopping cart page, then just list the titles you would like in the "comments" box that will appear prior to checkout. Shop before you drop!

      And remember, if not for you - consider supporting your local public and school libraries by adding some great titles to their collections! The hearing took place at a. District Court in New York. July 27, Mrs. Magoo Reads. I recently received this correspondence from Sophie Epstein who impressed the socks off me with the work she is doing on her literary review site and blog Mrs. It is completely worth checking out, especially for anyone working with young adult readers and writers.

      I have worked on developing a young adult book blog, called Mrs. It has book reviews, author interviews, video reviews, and other unique features. You can view it [ here ] apologies for the words 'Evaluation Copy' stamped across. Julie Siler, the author of The House of Mondavi , wrote an article about me, which you can read [ here ].