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The tray it comes with is as good quality as the food, too. The melon is my favourite, because it's my shop and I sell all the food. And I make sandwiches for daddy". What it is: A rechargeable, portable Bluetooth speaker cube with integrated disco lights and echo function. It comes with two karaoke microphones and connects to a variety of karaoke apps.

It provides approximately five hours of play time and has a 10 metre range. Why we love it: This new product from the X Factor range takes the interactive karaoke fun to the next level as the cube contains its own disco lights and two microphones. The tech is clever, as it allows you to connect to various karaoke apps via Bluetooth, so you're bound to find songs to sing along that please your kids - and you. Eva, MFM tester and mum of Dara, six, says : 'My daughter loved the microphone, as it's very portable and great fun'. What it is: An ultra-lightweight balance bike with front suspension, the option of an extra stability wheel, a front mud guard and an adjustable seat and handlebar.

The max weight it can carry is 20kg. Why we love it: Lightweight balance bikes are so much easier for kids to get the hang of than heavier ones, and this one is the second lightest of our list! Our testers absolutely loved it, too. He was straight on it - using his feet to move him along, quite fast actually, but he always managed to keep his balance.

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He has been on it every single day and it will make our walks up to school for his sister a lot more fun. Lindsay, MFM tester and mum to Aaliyah, age three, appreciates how adaptable the bike is too. She says: 'It has training wheels which can be changed to a big wheel when my daughter is ready. I love that you're able to buy an add-on trailer, too, which would be brilliant for carrying her water bottle and snack. The bike is extremely lightweight and everything is easy to adjust. My little girl said, "Wow, it's the best bike ever, I can go fast". Available from: Micro. Age: from birth.

What it is: A charming, plush avocado toy of two halves with a rattle 'pit' in the centre and a built-in loop and ring to attach it to various baby transport. Roughly 22cm in length. Why we love it: This is a creative, tactile and soft toy for a newborn, with lovely details and understated charm. It has enough bits for your baby to try their grip on and a rattle inside to discover and explore.

We love its portability and cute design. Gemma, MFM tester and mum to Walter, four months, says her son's face lights up when you give him the avocado. It's beautifully made and is such an adorable design. He just loves it! What it is: 10 colourful, tactile soft cubes that have appealing 3D textures.

They have protruding shapes that can interlock, so they're ideal for sorting and stacking. Why we love it: These are bright, versatile blocks that will fascinate your little one through various stages of development.

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They are soft and squidgy, have a fantastic array of textures to explore, and their colours are appealingly bright. The interlocking shapes are great to encourage stacking and sorting. Nicola, MFM tester and mum of Keira, eight months, says the blocks were excellent for her daughter to play with. She says: 'They are great for talking about numbers, colours, shapes and animals, and are easy for small hands to grasp.

Available from: Halilit.

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Age: 3m - 3 years. What it is: An irresistibly cute lion teether with sore-gum-soothing bumps — made from antimicrobial silicone that kills germs within two hours. Dishwasher and fridge safe, and suitable for steam and cold-water sterilising. Why we love it: At 11cm, this teether is handily sized with ergonomically designed arms that are easy for little hands to grip.

Not only can baby chew down on lion's bumpy mane, but the bumps are also just the job for applying teething gel to the back of their mouth when the dreaded molars are breaking through. You can also use Lion to help baby get used to brushing their new pearly whites.

But a major plus of this Gold award-winning teether is that it's made from antimicrobial silicone, with Available from: Matchstick Monkey and Amazon. What it is: A 14ft globe-shaped design that sits high off the ground.

An Ice Cold Paradise

Its superior interlocking frame means that there is no movement on the legs during jumps. Maximum user weight of kg. Why we love it: This is a fantastic, modern take on the garden trampoline. With its stunning globe design it really stands out and gives your young jumper the feeling of flying in a snow globe. It is also very sturdy and secure once erected although the instructions and build are a bit cumbersome.

Cathryn, MFM tester and mum of Amelia, seven, as well as two little ones , loves the look of the trampoline - 'it's a fantastic looking piece of equipment' - but also praises its safety credentials and sturdiness. Available from: Trampolines. What it is: A multi-stage activity centre with a seat that rotates degrees. There are 25 developmental activities, including five toys that clip onto the tray. When your baby grows too big for the activity centre, it transforms into a drawing table with a plastic chalkboard surface you can buy matching chairs, sold separately. Why we love it: It has a much longer lifespan than your average bouncer, so it really works hard for its slightly higher price tag, making it our Gold award winner.

And it has fun features — the light-up foot piano was a particular favourite with our testers and once it has changed into a drawing table, the chalkboard was a big hit with our toddler reviewers.

It comes with an additional suction snack bowl, a cute extra. It's super-easy to assemble, in lovely colours, and there's masses of stuff to keep your little one entertained. Daniella, MFM tester and mum of seven-month-old Archie, says: 'This jumper does so many things in one, so you do not have to have loads of toys lying around, which is a must for me as I have a small sitting room. It sits nicely in the corner and provides hours of fun — I can tell by my little boy's cooing noises he loves it! What it is: A DIY kit to make your own cardboard guitar and amplifier to develop musicianship and knowledge of string instruments.

Why we love it: This is such a lovely combination of hands-on craft kit with online video and tools to develop a love of music and instruments. Furnished with easy instructions, your child can build their own cardboard guitar and amplifier. It is a super fun project that should hopefully delight budding rock guitarists. We also love the cheerful and cool look of the product.

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It's a brilliant little device. What it is: A 2. Designed for stress relief, the squishy ball will always return to its globe shape after being squeezed, flexed and poked. Why we love it: Ok, so this one isn't strictly for the kids and would work equally as well in a grown up's stocking. It sounds just like feet squelching in the snow as you squeeze the ball, and my son used it as if it was an actual snowball!

Available from: Tobar and Amazon. Age: What it is: This fun and educational subscription box allows your child to travel back in history and solve a mystery. There's an illustrated adventure story, and colourful history booklet packed full of fun facts, as well as a craft activity and engaging puzzles. Why we love it: This innovative idea sees children receive a time machine each month — the first takes you back to Ancient Egypt, while other stops in history showcase Ancient Greece, the Victorians and WW2.

Our judges commented on the fact it's great value and said the product was excellent quality. We made the clay amulets, read a bit of the book and spelt our names in hieroglyphs, which my son really enjoyed. This is a really reasonably priced option compared to others on offer and we love how it inspires their imagination. Available from: Mysteries in Time. What it is: A classic pedal powered go kart with modern day updates, such as air tyres, bucket seats and handbrake controls. Why we love it: We imagine a go kart is on every child's wish list at some point, and if they are lucky enough, then this award winner is a great choice for parents.

The seat can be adjusted so it will grow with your child. The features are great too, the adjusting seat is very practical and means as my son grows, he will be able to play with it too.

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The tyres grip on any ground, and the fact that this toy has scratch resistant polyester coating means that, if it's looked after well, it could last many years. Available from: Jacksons Leisure and Kettler. Age: 18 months — 5 years. What it is: A fun stacking totem pole that uses eight large magnetic pieces to make the process easy for little hands.

Comes with cards showing 24 different design challenges for your child to copy. Why we love it: This colourful bundle of magnetic pieces is great fun and perfect for toddlers who can get frustrated at not being able to easily use traditional stacking toys. We also love the fact the pieces showcase different sounds, styles and textures to make them more interesting.

Kelly, mum to month-old Sophie, says: 'It kept my daughter engaged instantly, and she loved stacking the bricks in different ways.

You could see her thinking about other ways to stack the bricks when the way she had tried didn't work. We also used it for a bit of colour recognition practice, which was a nice bonus, and as she gets older we can develop this to shape recognition too. Available from: Bright Minds and RideonToys4u. What it is: A fun Peppa Pig game which sees kids help George jump over muddy puddles to reach the top of the hill, or fall down into a deep puddle if you take a wrong step!