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18 Vintage Knitting Patterns from the 1950s

Solitaire PS Does anyone else get the sore skin and scalp when you have the flu? Why is this? All of mine have this philosophy as well. I think it's a good one, We still have to learn everything by hand, but most teachers have a "calculator section and an non-caculator section" on our tests. That way they can choose what we get to use a calculator for, which I think is a good idea.

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Does anyone else get the sore skin and scalp when you have the flu? Soli, I think this is a symptom of the flu actually. Really everything hurts on you, so you might want to head to the doc to find out.

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He can give you something that will make you feel better if it's not too late. Here's a link to webmd www. At any rate, hope you feel better! Got ya, Mediwitch! Anyone watching the basketball game?

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It's a thriller! Turn it on CBS! That seems to be where I caught whatever bug this is, since several of the staff either are or have been out with the same thing over the last ten days or so. Lucky me not really I always seem to save getting sick for the weekend.

Finding Antique and Vintage Knitting Manuals // Casual Friday 2-22

Regarding the sore skin and scalp, I just wondered if other people feel this when they have a fever. Skin that feels as though it has sustained a severe sunburn seems to be a "standard" flu symptom for me. As soon as the fever breaks, the skin usually begins to feel better, so there is a connection. Very odd If you subtract 1 off the 9 and add it to the 7 you get 8 time 8 again.

Thom Isn't 9x7 63? The nine tables is one of the few that I don't have problems with. Wow, Memphis had it won and just gave it away It's nice to see two such evenly-matched teams play such a great game! Congrats to Kansas methinks they had a bit of an axe to grind against Roy Williams in the semi-final Excuse me, but Kids aren't required to memorize the multiplication tables anymore???

I honestly had no idea.

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This flabbergasts me. How can you function without knowing that stuff? Oh, and all the "tricks" you guys mention I remember hearing about the one Tori mentioned, but I learned them the hard way -- sitting at the kitchen table with my mom and some flash cards and drilling it out over and over and over and over. Hey, it worked! I think I am glad that I have a son and not a daughter -- while working at the school over the past week, I have had two girls completely dissolve into total hysterics because they made a little teensy tiny mistake on writing some sentences we are doing a book, and they are not supposed to be allowed to make erasures because the paper is the one-and-only copy to be submitted to the printer, and it tears and smears if you try to do corrections.

One of them was actually trying to hurt herself by stabbing herself in the hand with her sharp pencil. These are kindergarteners, mind you. I really fear for them in the future if they feel under this kind of stress at this point in their lives! Tell me if this was an odd sight -- I was at a McDonald's, and there was this kid who was probably about 14 or so, looking reasonably "tough" as I assume he was attempting to do, wearing all black and trendy boots and such.

The jeans were the kind that fall off the butt, again, as I assume they are supposed to do because it looks "cool" or something. But here's the thing -- they were exposing his underwear, and they had Tigger and Eeyore and Pooh Bear on them. Now isn't that odd attire for a year-old boy?

Particularly if you think there's a chance that the whole world might observe them? Anyhow it seemed odd, but maybe that's just me Pesky, I had a similar experience to what you had with a "stealing" kid once. This was a young teen girl who was filching candy in the grocery store, and I did the same thing you did -- just gave her "the stare.

She gave me this defiant glare back. So I just walked past her and said casually "Would you like me to go speak to your father? She put it back. I was sorely tempted to speak to him anyway, but I didn't. I still think maybe I should've -- she probably went straight back and got it again as soon as I left the store OK, off to snooze It would be great if we could just say to them "you shouldn't do that", and know that they'll never do it again.

But that's quite unrealistic, of course. There's just so many variables. Should you mind your own business because it's not your child, let the child know you know and hope that will scare them into not doing things like that, let the parents know so they can take care of it, let the store know so they can take care of it? What are you teaching the child? If you don't do anything, does that mean they're going to continue that behavior and eventually end up in serious trouble, and if you do do something would it make a difference?

Will letting them know you know make a difference? If you let the parents know, will they appreciate it and deal with the child, or will they resent your interference? How will the store handle the situation and is that a good or bad thing? It really is a judgment call. Even if you figure out the best answers to the questions, there's the issue that every child is different. For one child just the embarrassment of knowing they've been caught may be enough, and getting the store involved could be very traumatic.

Another child might not care whether anyone sees them or not and getting the store and maybe the police involved may be what they need to straighten them out. Yep, it's a tough call, and I'm not sure there is a right answer that would work best in all such situations. I finally bought the phone line extension lead so now I have my laptop on my desk and my back is much more appreciative of the comfy seating. My bond refund from my previous rental came through today as well, so I was able to really stock up on the basics when I went shopping. We had to learn the times table by memory, but I don't recall learning the reasoning behind them I have a funny feeling it may have to do with my deafness and missing bits of the classwork.

Perhaps my mother thought I was having a hard time as it was with the times table, she didn't want to add more pressure by trying to teach memory tricks as well.

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Lucy and I were walking past the supermarket the other night I had a enough trouble reigning in Lucy, without paying too much attention to the people restraining the shoplifters. I'm still very frustrated by the resume. I'm hoping that tomorrow will work better now I am sitting properly at a desk. And my response is:!!! That is completely horrible! I seems to me that the people in charge of school programs today seem to equal "kids" with "stupid" - they just assume that the kids won't be able to learn this "sophisticated" methods that are used for So it's somehow better to use these shortcuts that're supposed to make everything easier, but lead to a huge gap in math knowledge and abilities It's very frustrating.

Maria- I have to teach that lattice method to students who are functioning well below grade level. It's frustrating. The 9 times tables are my favorite. I learned it the way you did, Tori.

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The 8 times table has a pattern of 8,6,4,2,0,8,6,4,2,0.